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Socially Conscious

TopLine Pictures believes that quality filmmaking can help lead to a better world by inspiring, educating & most importantly entertaining audiences.

Tech talk

Subtle use of technological advancements will be utilized to evoke audience emotion in ways a script or traditional filmmaking simply cannot.

We are carefully taking our time and perfecting our craft in order to disrupt this broken hollywood marketplace with a breath of fresh air & creative stories.

We will utilize our time lapse feature for transitions in our storyline, to depict changes in time and to illustrate mood changes to the overall setting, environment or storyline. .

Coming Soon!

Treatments include:

1) Embryo (Sci-fi about genetic advancements)

2) Priceless (think Bloods Diamonds but bigger than diamonds)

3) The Adventures of Booboo (A light hearted dark comedy with universal appeal)



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